Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Beginning (Part 3)

I continued my way to Cardiff. When I had gotten there, I traded off my wares and stayed there for a few days before getting the supplies and other trade goods to take back to my village.  I spent a few days looking at the strange little object I found down near the Time Capsule. I then waited for a clear moonless night which was thankfully on the last night I spent there. So late at night I went to a secluded area of the city and pressed a button on the small object and I heard that strange sound once more, only instead of a rock appearing a white marble pillar appeared. I touched and edge of it and the inside of it looked drastically different from when I last saw it. It looked like a futuristic contraption with a strange metallic thing in the middle that had one small metal orb at the bottom, with four long metal rods that lead to a larger  orb on top. I flipped a switch upwards that said door and it closed the doors behind me. There appeared to be two rooms on wither side of me with one room upstairs with book cases on the top "Floor" of this structure. I then quickly opend the doors again, got my trade wares and supplies and went back to the Capsule. I then set the corridantes, at least I think I did, trying to remember the memories the man had given me and The ship took off. Closing the doors automatically before it did. It then groaned and lurched a little before landing. I opened the doors and I was back at my village. I put the trade goods in the center of the village and then went back into the capsule and tookoff. I finally would be able to explore the world, no, the universe with this ship. I finally felt free.

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