Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Beginning (Part 3)

I continued my way to Cardiff. When I had gotten there, I traded off my wares and stayed there for a few days before getting the supplies and other trade goods to take back to my village.  I spent a few days looking at the strange little object I found down near the Time Capsule. I then waited for a clear moonless night which was thankfully on the last night I spent there. So late at night I went to a secluded area of the city and pressed a button on the small object and I heard that strange sound once more, only instead of a rock appearing a white marble pillar appeared. I touched and edge of it and the inside of it looked drastically different from when I last saw it. It looked like a futuristic contraption with a strange metallic thing in the middle that had one small metal orb at the bottom, with four long metal rods that lead to a larger  orb on top. I flipped a switch upwards that said door and it closed the doors behind me. There appeared to be two rooms on wither side of me with one room upstairs with book cases on the top "Floor" of this structure. I then quickly opend the doors again, got my trade wares and supplies and went back to the Capsule. I then set the corridantes, at least I think I did, trying to remember the memories the man had given me and The ship took off. Closing the doors automatically before it did. It then groaned and lurched a little before landing. I opened the doors and I was back at my village. I put the trade goods in the center of the village and then went back into the capsule and tookoff. I finally would be able to explore the world, no, the universe with this ship. I finally felt free.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Beginning (Part 2)

It was about a few days since I left the cozy little village heading to Cardiff when I heard a strange sound, sort of like a strange warbling sound. I then saw what appeared to be a rock, but the rock somehow had steam and smoke coming out of it. My curiosity overriding the fleeing response, I walked closer to it. I thin presses into it and a part of it suddenly slid open like somekinds of door. I looked inside of it and to my astonishment it was much larger on the inside. It looked like sort of a large gothic cathedral but it was extremely damaged. There was a odd red glow along with a loud sound like a church bell. I heard someone groaning as I walked inside of it. I quickly went to his rescue and lifted some rubble from off of him. It turned out to be a aged human with a bald head and wearing what appeared to be some kind of suit or uniform. He said something about not being able to "regenerate" and that he was in some kind of battle when his ship or "Capsule" somehow "crashed" here. I had no idea what he was talking about but I tried helping him up but as I was helping him up he said that he would die soon but there would be a way for him to continue living. He then seemed to concentrate and touch my head. As he did, knowledge about what this "ship" is as well as who or what he was finally came to me. And his hand started to lightly glow and then the glow subsided. He said that he had merged his DNA with mine and gave me the rest of his "lives", allowing me to travel in his absence. He said it was the only thing he could do. He then died right there. I dragged him out of the capsule and then took my shovel and buried him near the smoking rock. I looked at my hands and then at the rock. I knew what that was, it was a Time capsule. I decided to close it and keep it there. As I figured out, it wasn't going to go anywhere. But I then found an odd handheld device smaller than a pinecone and put it in my pocket as I then traveled the rest of the way to Cardiff to drop off my wares.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Entry 1 - The Beginning

Hmm, seeing how some other Time Lords are keeping diaries about themselves, figure I'll try my hand at it. Now as some of you may not know, I wasn't always traveling through space and time here in SL-Space. I guess I should start at the Beginning.....

In the beginning I was a child of a merchant family in the Fox Kingdom on Earth, that's basically what Wales will be 10,000 years in the future, from 2010. My father was a frequent traveler, bringing back some souvenirs from distant places he traveled to. I always was so curious about the people from different lands in a time when many people were somewhat wary about outsiders. King Rif was a very isolationist king and didn't want any outsiders interfering with the Fox Kingdoms business, but I thought that was so very wrong. I always thought that there would be something that the outsiders could teach us and we could teach them. Even though I had many brothers and sisters, I was always seen as the one who had his head in the clouds a dreamer. Soon when I was 19 years old, I explained to my family that I would become a traveling merchant like my father, My mother didn't want that and feared for my safety but father told her that I was following in his footsteps. and So I had my first traveling caravan job going from my small village to Cardiff the capital of the Fox Kingdom for trading some minerals that some of the villagers had dug up. Little did I know that I would have a very different experience just a few miles ahead of me.